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SoCal multihull sailor gathering

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Sunday March 1st is the ORCA annual meeting and multihull sailor gathering. 
Time: 2-5pm
Location :  Marina del Rey.  Wahoo is our HQ on the city docks next to Burton Chace Park.  We will use the park as well, weather permitting.  SMWYC has offered us hospitality.

This is a chance to visit with fellow multihull sailors.  Enjoy refreshments on my Wahoo, a Schionning G-Force 1400 catamaran.  Eric Dysart (ORCA president)  is bringing his F27.  Come by sea and we'll squeeze you in somewhere.  Bring a friend that might like a closer look at multihulls.  Let's discuss how to improve our sport.  Or pump me for N2E news.  I'm the current NOSA commmodore.  I bet those Newport Beach blue blazer folk never expected a multihull sailor from Ventura would be in charge. 

Everyone is welcome.
I look forward to seeing you in MdR.

Bill Gibbs

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Hi Bill,

The thought to improve the sport is to run a race like three peaks, or r2ak,? the addition of rowers, peddlers, bicyclists and runners in a smorgasbord type of a challenge will bring together a wide berth of athletic entrants in a mutual event,  this wide cross over will also introduce each other to their respectable sports. Sailing to Catalina with a mountain climb will be quite attractive, the sailing is minimal and a two day event will attract.

We are getting old, the sport is dying, and somebody better climb out of the box, or sit on the couch an surf.


Ps, i will enter the first race against you.





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The sport is dying. Including motoring “cruisers” in N2E was a major misstep. 

how about R2K format from Newport to Catalina — in that wind hole the rowers will have a fair chance. Coopt the Newport Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe club.

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Motoring cruisers is an entirely different group of boats, separate from the usual non-motoring racers.  With no trophy overlap, why not let everyone do what they wish?  Think of it as two different races sharing a start, finish, and some parties.

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We'd take anyone, even you (probably).

The requirement is for you to belong to an SCYA affiliated organization.  Fo non-YC types, there are sailing clubs.  I used to belong to the Ventura Sailing Club for $50/year.  I think Sailing Anarchy had such a club, though I don't know it's current status.  These clubs typically have no facilities and exist for this one reason.

We did have some sailors show up.  I posted a report on the ORCA mailing list, which you are welcome to join if you have an interest in multihull racing in SoCal.  You can join at https://groups.io/g/ORCA-Racing

Here is a description of the meeting.


The ORCA meeting was a fun excursion.
I brought Wahoo to Marina Del Ray very early Sunday morning, overcoming inaccurate wind forecasts, high winds and a gale following.  An exciting night!  Conversely the return transit to Ventura Sunday night was a perfect light wind motor-sail over beautiful moon lit flat seas.
In MdR at Chace Burton park, we were parked next to an Atlantic 57 Nogal, being delivered to the bay area for a new owner.  The delivery captain Dale only does Atlantics and was a fascinating chat.  Among our attendees, we had two actively shopping for new boats,  Dave Licata is getting serious about a Schionning (and took a close look at Wahoo), and Greg Conrad almost had an Outremer, but isn't giving up.  (Greg has an F31 for sale)  One interesting trend is the number of "cruising boats" that enjoy recreational racing.  N2E has a Lagoon and a Seawind entered.  A Moorings 4300 regularly races in Ventura and has done several Transpacs.  Maybe more will come out to play.  3 F-boats committed to enter the N2E IYR, I think they are doing N2SD.  David told us all about his F32 project that is in the painting / assembly phase.  It sounds like an ultra light carbon rocketship.  It'll be fun to see it on the water racing.  It is a sistership to Jailbreak/Taniwha without the lightening strike.  Mike Leneman was in attendance and regaled the audience with his multihull tales.  His Minette is close to being operational and expects to be racing this year.  He has threatened to beat Wahoo, but he'll actually have to enter a race to do so.  Eric Dysart's Witchcraft, an F27, will be racing this year, including SB-KH.

On the business side, Eric is the new ORCA President, Terry Argast the new Treasurer, and I continue as Ratings Chairman.
There is no longer a fee for renewing an ORCA membership, only for new members.  Of which we got one, Dirk Smit racing Eventide, a Seawinds 1000 XL2.  Welcome Dirk.

We had a selection of beer & wine along with turkey wraps, chips, and some great chocolate chip cookies from Terry.

I think a good time was had by all.

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