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National Something Day

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Every day of the year, at least in the US, is National Something or Another Day. Mostly made up by some trade group or the like.

Today just happens to be National Drink Wine Day. Made my wife smile when we heard it on the radio. She plans on recognizing the holiday after work tonight.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate mint Day and National Vet Girls RISE Day celebrating female veterans. Thursday is Cherry Pie day. Mmmmm, cherry pie.

For a calendar of all National Days:


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Anybody that needs to celebrate National Drink Wine day is obviously an amateur.  

It's like people that think they need to drink on St. Patrick's day.   

If you are waiting for some reason like that to drink, then you are doing it wrong.  Your liver is much tougher than you think.

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28 minutes ago, d'ranger said:

I am celebrate and monotonous - actual words spoken by an ex-employee while trying to say she was celibate and monogamous (which made about as much sense).

If there is an empty day I nominate the above.

Spoonerism day..............great idea. 

Was on a freeway car wreck call once and one of the drivers - who was unhurt (god protects little children and drunks I guess) - was about to be given his field sobriety test. In keeping (I don't think it was intentional) with several other famous iterations of this story, when asked by the CHP officer if he was right or left handed his response was "I can use either hand.....I be amphibious". 

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4 hours ago, Rum Runner said:

Clearly beer doesn't need a national day since it is an everyday beverage. I guess the wine snobs need a reason to partake.

Never any reason to not drink beer. 

Never any reason not to drink wine either....... 

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