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Stuck fuse carrier

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I purchased this boat last season. I went through each fuse to make sure I could get at them. All them worked except one (cabin lights)s. The fuse carriers have a tab at the bottom that you are supposed to push in and down, then the carrier pops out. This one pops down but won't release out, nor will it go all the way back in.

I'm not going to force it. I thought I'd send these photo's to see if anyone has any experience with this type of panel and fuse carrier.

BTW, I plan on carefully putting dielectic grease on the metal connections and dry teflon on the plastic.



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I would replace the fuseholder.  They're like $3 at Digikey or Mouser, maybe a few bucks more if you want matchy matchy for cosmetic prettieness.

Of course, before you hit "place order" you could always try some excessive force just to see if that takes care of things, once you're sure you can get a replacement if it goes badly.

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