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I predict the 60th 3 Rivers Race will occur on the 5th and 6th June  2021, but I got that wrong last year. 

High tide is 1 hour 15 minutes before first start, so that should be good for getting the boats away down river.

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The entry forms for this year's race are now available on 3rr.uk

Up to 150 boats 14ft to 45ft, up 50 miles to cover, under 3 bridges twice..one of which has just 6ft airdraft..

Time limit 24 hours, record about 8 hours, worst year only 13 finished, you against tides and wind..

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Well, Boris has announced the plan for getting out of Lock Down, Outdoor sports allowed from March 29th, The rule of Six Disappears on May 17th. So all is go for the 60th 3 Rivers Race on 5/6th June  2021..

250 - 300 competitors in 100 -150  boats plus 100 officials around the course, 24 hours to do 50 miles, including three bridges to lower your mast for..

Entries as above ( Thanks Amati).


Just to be annoying our club season opener was Due Mar 28th... which now can't go on till the following week..


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I'd love to have a go, but the hog stepped mast on my Flying Fifteen makes things just too difficult.  Why on earth did they build a bridge with such a low height?  Cheapo council sometime in the dim and distant past no doubt. 

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28 minutes ago, Whinging Pom said:

I'd love to have a go, but the hog stepped mast on my Flying Fifteen makes things just too difficult.  Why on earth did they build a bridge with such a low height?  Cheapo council sometime in the dim and distant past no doubt. 

The lowest bridge is the 13th century Potter Heigham bridge, councils hadn't been thought of... It was probably the local major land owner, St Benets Abbey.

Local boats have tabernacles, the big Wherrys are 65 ft long with a 45 ft mast and a huge gaff, they quite happily go through with one man and a boy to do it..

FF15s have completed the race, as have many other hog stepped mast boats.

Have a look at this video of the start line, there are for instance Thames A raters in there,  they have a 43ft hog stepped mast and they have won the race several times..

Navigators & General Three Rivers Race 2015 in videos on Vimeo


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Well, that's it folk's entries are now closed for 2021, except for a few in the post or you're really good a grovelling to those in charge.

105 Entries approved so far..

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Those FFs have had the aft area at the mast partners cut away.  On my boat I have to lower the mast in vertically.  I think the triangulation of rig loads would suffer badly If I took a saw to her.  Are the dinghies allowed to portage?  With a suitable team/rollers wouldn't it be much faster?

draycote 15 2.jpg

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You'll have to find a FF you can borrow, without that bit of fibreglass..


You've got to go through the hole in the wall, the race instructions say under the 3bridges. At other main bridge we race under, which is a modern concrete and steel thing of 15ft airdraft. The dinghies tried partially capsizing, but that got banned.

Also at Acle bridge is a ledge down one side which some tried walking on to tow the boat through, that got banned too.

This video shows Acle bridge from on board a yeoman keelboat during the race. The last 35 seconds of the video are the most interesting.


We reckoned it took 15minutes to stop lower the mast paddle through and then raise the mast again. If you can lower the mast while sailing and shoot the bridges. Then you'd gain an hour in the race.

We managed it on Acle bridge on several occasions, but it was worrying, especially when we got a rope stuck and we got within a couple of feet of the bridge before it freed and the mast dropped.

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Just 10 days to go to the race,  The Race Web cams are here Horning Sailing Club (horning-sailing.club) They should all be up and running for the race. Current forecast is a 20 -30MPH southerly which is a bit strong..

I'm on Guardship duties at Hickling Broad, counting them all past and radioing in the times of each boat.

On the 4th I collect from the sailing club, the Buoy, radio, first aid kit, and all the documentation. 

I'll be there from about 08:00 5th June to 11:00 6th June.

So I arrive at 08:00 unload the vehicle, get into the sailing club there, for which I have been issued a electronic key.

Get the keys out for the rescue boat and fuel shed get them out, load the buoy in. Go out onto the broad with a pole, checking depths, find a suitable point and drop the buoy in.

Return to the clubs quay, get a brush out and clear the Bird crap off the decking from where we will moor the guardship . See Hickling Web cam it's be on the end of the quay you can see. The bouy straight out out from there I hope.

Some time around 10:00 the guardship should turn up, the others who are crewing will go directly to Martham boats, Martham Boats | Norfolk Broads Boating, Cruiser & Sailing Holidays who kindly loan us a motor boat for the event. They'll pick it up and bring it to the club.

Then the radio will be set up, checks made, and we settle in for the duration.

I'm not expecting a competing boat to turn up till 15:00 at the earliest, even that's unlikely. The Tides this year will mean 90% of boats go down to the lower Bure buoy first with the tide, for a tide change around 16:00. Then come back up to Hickling with the tide probably not reaching us till 19:00 to 00:00. Most will do the short legs on the way home.

Map  Start and Finish at Horning, which is at the top of the bend between Salhouse and Malthouse broads.

The famous Potter Heigham Bridge is marked, there is a second modern bridge there, that's not a problem. The third Bridge is under the red 2 by Acle.

The Turning buoys 

The top end of Hickling Broad  By the G of Hickling

Half way Between Acle and Great Yarmouth at the right hand end of the big bend after Stokesby.

Just before the orange marked bridge below Barton Broad

In South Walsham Broad.



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Just 5 days to the race, the forecast is now a misty 10mph Easterly, which would be a rare direction for the race. Wind against tide for the start, should give an increase in the apparent windspeed, and mean short tacking though the village just after the start. 

The club webcams for the race are now online https://www.horning-sailing.club/webcams/ 

Club upriver, shows the start line roughly from the right hand edge of the decking, to to the nearest blue boat canopy on the far side.

Club down river shows the straight through the village. The cameras are at 90degrees to speech other.

Boats will slowly gather on the front from today for the race.

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Well, the forecast now is a  North Westerly, which is great for getting the boats away, a reach to the line, then the bend and a half mile run to the bends. That will get the boats away..

Wind unfortunately is light, 3-6mph for the 24hours of the race, after the first 3hours every direction of wind is forecast overnight.. getting the choice of route with tides is more important than usual.

The boatyard lending us the motorboat now can't..every one is booked out..

So they are lending us....America...



America is a former competitor.



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45 minutes Till I head to the club to pick up, buoy, radios, race paperwork, flashing lights and banners.

The Boats are arriving at the club you can see them on Here. https://www.horning-sailing.club/webcams/

 The cameras should be online for the duration of the race, the start line is from where the decking hits the edge of shot on the right across to near the red covered yacht.

First start 11:00 UK time tomorrow, last start 12:20. they proceed from the right hand camera across to the left hand camera and then head down river..



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22 hours ago, The Q said:


So they are lending us....America...


Ha. I've sailed America. She wasn't perhaps in the very best state of maintenance when we hired her, but a fairly hot ship by hire boat standards.

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As it was for some reason we didn't go to America, we went to The palace instead.. and the broke it.


Afternoon I think..

The WiFi was really flakey outside the building at Hickling SC, so I couldn't do the hourly posts I intended, so I recorded them in MS office on this tablet..

Over 1000 words typed,  then this morning as I was about to copy and post I hit the wrong button.. lost the lot.. Ok click undo... What happened.. an advert from MS please get MS 365.. no undo..lost the lot permanently.. impressed I am not. I will be loading an alternative when my brain is functioning again. 

So here's the high lights as edited by a befuddled brain that's has 1.5 hours sleep in the last 34...

08:00 ish note all times are ish.

Arrive Hickling SC, carefully drive through lines of dinghies to as close as I can get to unload Landrover, that took over half an hour.

Then get out one of their rescue boats loaned to us, a new one very good it was too.

09:00 go depth finding with paddle to find nearest point to club with 4ft 6inches depth minimum.

Plonk buoy in.

Told I could swing floating pontoons out if I wanted.. unfortunately they're been tied hard on  when the water level was higher, it took nearly an hour of tugging prising etc the undo the knots just for one section. Gave up with the rest.

Sat back to wait for the guardship

And waited...

and waited....

and waited...

then got message They're aground..

so went to the rescue.

found them near entrance to Hickling broad, they had a fouled prop, and drifted of outside the deep water channel. Eventually towed them to the SC. Martham boats sent their men, but couldn't sort it their they'll collect it tomorrow.

14:00 ish first boat, a punt which had not done the short legs, two other boats followed shortly after .

not much happend until 17:00, then the first boats that had not done the short legs but had been to stokesby.

main mass of boats from 19:00 to midnight, then numbers faded until last boat at 03:45.

had to wait until 06:00 ish till permission granted to pack up.

07:00 left site.

Dropped off crew at Martham as their car was there.

Horning just in time to see "A rater" finish, never seen that before, they're normally long since tucked up in bed.

Unloaded landrover, breakfast!!!

When I left, of the 116 entries, 20, did not start, 5 had finished 3 were tacking up the street, and there were 47 retirements..

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This video is interesting, it shows the boats sailing down from  the start at Horning 4 miles before, and the then choices of route, the first choice is whether to go to port up the river Ant, the out going tide is at maximum, this year, and there is a large body of water Barton broad, feeding the outgoing tide.

You can see the boats slow as they turn up there, a calculated risk, lots of short tacking against the tide. On the fly back you see the second choice, a turn to starboard down to South Walsham broad, a much much smaller body of water and hardly any tide. 

 Another couple of miles straight on is the third choice , up river to Hickling broad or  to sail down river to reach the bottom mark by tide change. Choosing which or both of neither of the short legs to risk before heading to the Bottom mark makes or breaks your race position.


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