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Let's just say I am going to do something slightly foolish and cut the foot of a dacron sail to fit a different boat.  Ain't got a sewing machine and let's pretend I can't or won't go to a loft.  What kind of glue would you use to form the new foot, which won't be under a huge load, just to keep it from unravelling..?  There's a full length batten a few inches above to handle load/shape.  Any thoughts on how you would go about it?  And if you're just going to poopoo on the whole idea, please refrain.  Thanks!

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hotknife to cut and cauterize the dacron.  but make sure you leave enough to fold a hem

then use double side seam tape to hold the hem in place.  then get some sail repair tape to hold the hem down.

and figure out a way to squeeze the bejesus out of it to get it really as flat a wrinkle free as possible.  you'd only get one shot at it.

and if you wanted to,  you could always hand stitch a running stitch in the hem and then do the sail repair tape to cover the stitching.


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 Advanced issue found
1 hour ago, mundt said:

 Ain't got a sewing machine 

And you call yourself a sailor...

(and 5200 would glue the hem together, just need to hold it till it sets)

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2 hours ago, blurocketsmate said:

If all you're using is 5200, how do you hold it in place 'til it cures?

I also wonder if 3M VHB tape could be strong enough on its own

I'm told that you use fast-cure and pretty much stare at it with a rubbing stick in your hand 'till it's cured.


VHB would be interesting. I've stuck some things on pretty permanently with VHB, and there were some sailmakers using no-foam VHB to build spinnakers with no stitching for awhile.



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