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What is your Sailing organization doing for YOU in the Covid Times?

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When it became apparent neither our little yacht club or non-affiliated sailing association was going to offer us any alternative to sitting at home watching yet-another-how-to video we decided to create our own unofficial events.  Now others are beginning to see the light and asking to join in.  Not surprisingly the officials are starting to get worried about their relevance and joining the movement.  Here's the latest communique from our non-club association:

MORF is coordinating informal sailing on Wednesday nights in compliance with the current restrictions as follows:

1. Pursuit starts to minimize activity at the start.
2. No Race Committee on duty.
3. The course will be sent by email blast at least an hour before the race.
4. The results will not count for annual awards.

All participants are encouraged to follow the recommended safety standards of self-screening, participant limits, sanitization and facial coverings in order to keep everyone safe.

We hope to resume the MORF socials and regular racing in June.

The course for this Wednesday, May 20th, is A for the all sails fleet, and B for the non-spin fleet.

Wednesday Race Chair
Yup we been doing this for two months now twice a week.  What are you doing to survive fellow anarchist?
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13 hours ago, Ncik said:

Interesting. So the "Wednesday Race Chair" is happy to take on the risks? Does the "Wednesday Race Chair" have a plan if a competitor needs rescuing?

Read racing rule #2.  If you get into trouble, switch to VHF Channel 16 and state "Pan Pan Pan".  If that fails try "Mayday" 3 times.  If THAT fails switch to 78 and scream "free beer for tow"!

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As the commodore of CHESSS, I really wracked my brain about what to do for our members during all this.

We're a small paper club. The governor shut down all recreational boating for 2 solid months. Tips and how-to vids were all I could come up with. I wasn't sure how our members were being impacted and I was loathe to pry into their affairs. Have many people been laid off? Are people sick? Are people dealing with the loss of close relatives? I really couldn't get a good reading on whether or not sailing had fallen to the bottom of our members' priorities.

The NRP was aggressive about enforcing the no boating rule so there was no sneaking out to hold races. Not to mentions, our insurance carrier warned us against this. The board wasn't about to hang its collective ass in the wind, uncovered by insurance.

Ok, fast foward 2 months. Now we can go out, we can even raft up. CHESSS is a dedicated shorthanding sailing club so crew size and social distancing isn't an issue. I immediately put things in gear and set a date for what we call  "The Gather 'n Gab."  This doubles as our spring general meeting, a race and a raft-up afterwards.

This year, we're holding a "start clinic" instead of a race. This is practice for our skippers and our race committee. We'll hold repeated starts and exercise the flags and sound signals.

I'm very conscious about giving the members value for the dues that they pay but I suffered greatly from a lack of imagination about what to do during the boating ban. Thank God we didn't have an empty club house and a bunch of employees to figure out how to sustain through all of this.

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On 5/21/2020 at 11:17 PM, JimBowie said:

Read racing rule #2.  If you get into trouble, switch to VHF Channel 16 and state "Pan Pan Pan".  If that fails try "Mayday" 3 times.  If THAT fails switch to 78 and scream "free beer for tow"!

Good luck with it, but seems a little selfish and premature.

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Australian Sailing have been fantastic. One off $500 cash handout to every capitation fee payer, waiver of membership fees for the next two years by guaranteeing to pay every sailor in the nations club membership fee until 2023.

Free 'Tokyo 2020 T'shirts, caps and track suits for all members.

Free entry to all yacht races for 12 months, free berthing in any affiliated club for 12 months and free airfares to attend any regatta in Australia. Also all state YA offices are remaining open and are making takeaway pizza's with a 25% discount for members.

By now every member should have received their complementary Dozen of Wild Oats limited series '2019 -10 x Line honers Shiraz' 

Many Clubs have applied for the special assistance package called 'Useless cunt Keeper'. This pays $1500 a fortnight for some staff members to continue doing fuck all.

On behalf the grateful members of the sailing community - we salute you.

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