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505 jib rigging questions

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Looking for tips on good ways to rig forestay and jib on a 505 with launcher. The boat is new to us. Current forestay arrangement is:


The lower part was wire and broke, thinking of replacing it with 4mm heat set dyneema (splicing is easier than wire stuff). Does this arrangement and dyneema look good? I know there is some mast compression involved.

I'm unsure about the "right" way to rig the stuff luff jib, below is what we have been trying:


Any better ways to do this?

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https://usa505.org/library/rigging-and-project-archive/how-a-stuff-luff-jib-works/Most boats now have the forestay attached to the mast with a tball fiitting.  The bottom of the forestay is attached to a piece of dynema that goes around a turning block and either through a tube through the bow tank (Waterrat and Van Munster) or along the foredeck and through a turning block further back into the boat (Rondar and Ovington) to a purchase.  The forestay controls rake.  The jib then goes around the forestay is fixed at the bottom and a separate jib halyard controls luff tension.

Does your jib have the wire inside the luff or do you have to run the forestay through the luff each time you rig?  The latter is stuff luff. Most boats nowuse a zip luff; a modification of the stuff luff making it easier to rig the jib.

My first 505 was rigged like you show in your diagram.  It was a Rondar 8351.  What boat do you have? Where are you located?


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Here's a Rondar setup.  The first photo shows the forestay attached to a piece of dynema going around a turning block running back along the deck.  The tack of the jib is attached to the shackle on the top of the turning block.


the second shows the piece of dynema attached to a block and another attached to the base of the ram, running through the block and going back to a through deck block giving a 2:1 purchase.  Under the deck would be another purchase typically giving a total purchase of typically anywhere from16:1 to 32:1.


forestay td.jpg

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Here's mine, a VanMunster system which is similar to Waterrat.  I attach the tack of the jib to the soft shackle on top of the block.  the bottom of the forestay is attached to a piece of dynema which goes around the turning block and runs through a tube which goes through the bow tank (It looks like a hole behind the block) to a 16:1 purchase.


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We have the same halyard/forestay setup on Étoile, a Parker #8172. We fasten the head of the jib to the top of the lower section of the forestay, and then adjust luff tension with the Cunningham. Vang, sheet and shrouds seem to keep the jib from sagging off. Am considering having dyneema “luff wire” sewn into our jibs to avoid the hassle of having to stuff them and to reduce weight.   

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