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I’m new to sailing and have been looking at a Montgomery 15.  I have two photos of the bottom.  Does it look like it just needs to be cleaned or would it need repainted?  Also, I’m unsure of what to think about the pin that the centerboard hinges on and the area around it.  Thanks.



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Yes, pressure washing and scouring it should get it spanking new again. If left in the water more than a weekend (and pressure washed immediately after), antifouling paint.

The M15s are nice boats, several friends of mine have them and love them. But apparently there is something going on with that centerboard bolt. Looks like it was bodged/dinked in with putty. How ambitious are you to fix it perfectly?

Get a friend to man the centerboard tackle while you check the bolt. Have them pull and release it, and see if there is any motion of the bolt. If yes, dig the fucker out and rebuild the bearing. Not that big of a job, except for making sure the alignment is as perfect as humanly possible.

If it doesn't move, leave it. Unless you really really like to fix stuff for the sake of making it more perfect.

FB- Doug

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