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So just within the last week Bunker boy , says he doesn't kid when asked about less testing , but he then says it was sarcastic? 

so how can any on follow a leader that doesn't know what he's saying? or is he totally losing it?





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Whatever he said, which we know doesn’t matter as he lies like @Dog, whatever he said his admin is planning on stopping funding for testing even thought Congress gave them the money to test

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I am so sick of righties using these words to mask their toxic and hateful drivel. The (not so) few righties I've met in past decade weren't even actually stupid people, but worse: they were ignorant. Smart, but ignorant. To a point where I thought they were actually punks (traditional britsh punks, not the Eastwood adversary type), except they had a thing for swastikas and Nazi Kitsch. Whatever ...

When these types use the words "irony" or "sarcasm" it means but one thing: they are fucking cowards, afraid to stand up for the shit that comes out their mouth. Fuck them.

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Speling, again ...
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