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New blocks - how to calculate correct size?

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I got ten blocks around the mast on my Grand Soleil 42. I have had the boat for ten years, most the blocks I got came with the boat from the previous owner. There is a block of different manufacturers and spec. Most of them are now overdue to be replaced.

Over the years I have upgraded most stuff to Harken. I like to keep it to one brand.

How do I calculate the spec of the block I need? Harken used to have a calculator on their website. Will 50mm Aluminium ESP Blocks to the trick or do I need to go for 75 mm?

What type of lines is this:

Halyards (4X), reefing lines (3X), pole up, topping lift, outhaul. Looking at the different lines, I think halyards and reffing should all be 75 mm the rest 57. Or can I use 57 on them all?


What type of sails, EPEX modern sails, cruising mainly in all conditions. 

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