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Boatbags - Boatbaths any knowledge on these?

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Our neighbor had one for his 105. I understood he dropped disinfectant tabs into the bag. 

My skipper just uses flats and tarps to keep the bottom out of the sun. Seems to work well, reduces his bottom redo to every decade rather than yearly. Still has the bottom cleaned regularly though.

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We had an Atlantic fleet in our harbor that used them - about 40 years ago.  Marine growth on the outside makes keeping them afloat a major headache. Keeping them positioned properly when the boat is out sailing and opening & closing the "gate" can also be a challenge, with tidal currents pushing them all over the place.  Using chemicals (e.g.: chlorine) in them is probably not permitted - fines could be hefty if the DEEP or Shellfish Commission determines that you have done that.  They're probably not cheap to buy, either. Paying someone else to dive might be the cheapest, cleanest option. 


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