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I need a screw in ground anchor to secure boats on dolly's in a stone over sand parking lot.  Id like one anchor between boats with 2 tie down loops.  Does anyone have a recommendation that doesn't require a machine to install?  The boats are 15' and weigh about 260 with the covers so id like to install something this weekend.  Im leaning toward the amazon link vs the HD.




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I bought the orange ones, and they don't bite into the ground well at all - if the ground is soft, they'll go in, but won't hold much; if the ground is hard they won't go in. The other set you link to looks flimsy.

I ended up with https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0783RT58F/ and a heavy mallet to drive them in. It really depends on the ground. The harder the ground, the harder to drive them (sledge hammer, heavy mallet), the better.

An 18ft catamaran, a weta and a UFO are held down with a total of 10 anchors, some shared, some not.

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What is your goal, and what is your price range? I agree the corkscrew ones are almost worthless. The ones with cut discs like threads is the configuration used for things like TV antennae stays, or permanent screw-in boat moorings (if that tells you anything).

Ones that aren't double galvanized are going to need to be replaced every 3 ~ 5 years or you'll get a surprise when they rust thru and pull right out. I'd recommend ones with two discs and more than 2' length if you are securing anything that's going to pull hard. We had FJs secured by ground anchors with only one disc about 18"  long and they pulled out in afternoon thunderstorms.

FB- Doug

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I've had good luck with the corkscrews, but it completely depends on the surface you are going into.  We are on a sand/rock beach that has a clay base.  If I get the screw into the clay, it is really, really strong.  Needs to be twisted in with a long screwdriver for leverage.  If you can twist it in by hand, in my experience the soil is loose enough that you can likely pull it out without much effort, too.   I use two corkscrews (the light duty ones used to tie up a dog) for our UFO, and our neighbors use them for their Musto Skiff.   

Due to changing lake levels, we move our anchors a few times each season.   It takes me a few tries to find a spot where the anchor really bites into the clay.  Some tries it is just in loose sand or gravel.  Other times it spirals into a large rock and will go no further.  Its pretty easy to tell when it anchors properly, it is hard to turn, but keeps turning.

I have also used the 'dart' style anchors to secure ground mounted solar panels and fabric shelters.  


The disadvantage here is that the can not be repositioned.   But once they are in, if the ground is good, they are in!   Just a cable protruding, so no hardpoints to stub your toe or hang up a dinghy dolly.



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