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Upwind Speed: Medium Wind Online Course now LIVE!

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Dear Sailors,


We hope you’ve been getting out on the water in your Laser this summer, and putting all your new skills from the Upwind Speed: Light Wind Course to task. 


We’re super excited to announce the upcoming release of the Upwind Speed: Medium Wind Online Course


In this course you’ll learn how to go faster in Medium Wind - everything from marginal hiking up to and including the first stages of depowering. This condition requires a broad range of skills to outperform the fleet in terms of boatspeed, and in this course, we cover them all. 


You’ll learn: 


Medium Wind Objectives for Upwind Speed

Hiking Essentials How to dial in your hiking strap length and use the correct body mechanics for marginal, normal and maximal hiking positions. Everything hiking! 

Early Hiking Strategies The holy grail for marginal hiking performance - who can get in the strap first and stay in it? You’ll learn the secrets on how in this lesson.

Sail Setup: Medium Wind Learn how to determine the optimal Sail Setup throughout this entire condition using current settings and feedback strategies vetted by Olympic champions and coaches. 

Adjusting Your Controls: Learn the key moments Champions pick for adjusting their control lines, and how to execute this skill efficiently while minimizing damage to upwind performance during the process.

Ease for Power: This lesson illustrates the sometimes elusive key concept of easing sheet with a soft vang. Why, when and how are all covered here.

The Fast Boat Paradox: Understanding relative boatspeed to the wind is a crucial skill for medium wind. Unlock this understanding to manage lulls, swell and post acceleration moments like top sailors.

The Slow Boat Paradox: Do you know the most important moments for accelerating the boat during an upwind leg?  What about the process for doing so in medium wind? Learn how to anticipate, identify and react to these relative slow boatspeed moments. Nail this concept, follow the drills outlined, and you’ll have gusts, swell and wave impact moments dialed. 

Active Driving & Body Movements: Great active driving coordinated with purposeful body movement will absolutely take your speed to the next level. We break it all down, step by step, and provide a system for learning the skills in this  comprehensive lesson. 

Lane Holding: Master the skills, process and mentality for an EFFECTIVE high mode. Then put them together to stay alive and thrive in bad lanes. 


PLUS, if you don’t have access to the Light Wind Course already, you’ll receive our Wind Awareness, Optimized Boat and Perfecting Angles lessons - part of our Upwind Speed Fundamentals. 


For $15.50 per month or just $12.50 per month billed annually you’ll get access to this Medium Wind Upwind Speed Course, our Light Wind Upwind Speed Course and all our future courses. 


We look forward to seeing you on the water soon. 

The Team @ ISA


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Medium Wind Course Curriculum.png

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