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Recs on Marine Servicenter

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I put an offer down on a boat today, subject to the usual survey and sail trial.  The broker revealed that the boat had had a serious grounding with structural damage.  I was shown a document from the surveyor who documented the repair, and it seems to show that the repair was done by Marine Servicenter in Anacortes.  I thought Marine Servicenter was just a brokerage, but maybe I don't really understand the situation.

Where I live there are a couple of go-to places to get structural damage repaired, but I don't know who is good south of the 49.  

Are these folks a go-to for a structural repair, or should I have my surveyor rip everything apart to check the work?  Most of the grid and keel structure is visible for inspection but some is buried under furniture that can be removed, but it will take some additional work. 

If you don't feel like publicly commenting, please PM.  

thanks in advance for any help...

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Marine Service center isn't just a brokerage, but they aren't a boatbuilder either. They have a good rep, but not who I would take a boat to in Anacortes for major structural repair (Jim Betts would be the place to go). If this was an expensive purchase, I'd consider having it carefully inspected by someone who really knows boat construction - and many (perhaps most) surveyors don't qualify. 

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