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Damned starboard tack foiler!

I had to watch it a few times to take in the stupidity of the entire scenario and also to hear the moan the board skipper let out as he went down:lol:


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10 hours ago, DRIFTW00D said:

wait he's cough a WAVE in his mind or a ripple anyway...:P

Maybe I missed the sarcasm font...

pet peeve:

Windsurfing 'outbounders' having rights is only pertinent to leaving shore in breaking waves - ie: wave sailing! The windsurfer had rights in the above scenario!

Clearly, both parties failed on the lookout and hailing front... Back on shore the windsurfer gets a case of beer or his fav booze and all is well, maybe even a friendship blossoms!

As for rights: How would you determine in or outbound in the middle of large body of water? Who's inbound or outbound in the gorge? You leave the OR side and I leave the WA side, who is in and who is going out - do we wear colored helmets? 

Most board heads, of any flavor, have no idea what a 'port' or a 'starboard' is - much less who has rights or that rights exist at all!!

My best survival tactic to windsurfing Hood River nowadays: Head on a swivel, assume I'm the give way boat at all times, that I have no rights and I make aggressive course corrections to let the kooks know where I'm going! 15 years in the gorge and I've only been run over once, by a friend, on a very big day - we couldn't see each other until that just perfect "oh shit" last moment  as we drop into the same swell in opposite directions... I laid down and he sailed right over me on a huge swell - he had the line, he went on to finish his session - He cut my 4.2 in half and I still sailed into the launch I left from!!

We hard beers later! No worries! 



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I think only a on the water judge could call the questions you asked. I race big boats-and rec board sail. going in to the beach on Starboard one day on my board, I gave way to a out bound neighbor on a WindSurfer outbound. Later she asked why did I do that. Then went on to explain she was a National on the water sailing rules judge and all you stated above... Who knows who's got rights ,only defensive sailing will keep a boat or board in one piece.

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On 8/12/2020 at 8:21 AM, DRIFTW00D said:

Who knows who's got rights, only defensive sailing will..............


The RRS have more than 1 or 2 rules!

1 of many: Starboard has right of way - you know, that sailing thing...that doesn't matter whether you are inbound or outbound from a shore?

Another one:

WAVE SAILING 'outbounders' have right of way. Tho, that's more of a beach rule than an sanctioned RRS...



Maybe the issue is you don't understand what it mean to 'wave sail'!



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7 hours ago, PurpleOnion said:

Someone has to say it..

"You scratched my anchor!"


DRIFTWOOD did scratch my anchor with this (after he talked to an on-water judge)!!!:

"Who knows who's got rights"

I do and a few others probably too... Clearly, he doesn't.


FYI: This is 'wave sailing' (in vs out applies):



This is windsurf racing where P & S apply regardless of 'boundness':




 I'm going to buff out my scratched anchor now...

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Meaning for you, you still don't know 'who has rights'...

Thankfully, I would give you rights regardless of your lack of understanding, so -  you win!

I'll just add you to the list of another blind kook on the water! You should make t- shirts:




Outbounders Rule!


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