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Low friction ring lashing knots

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Fair warning, potentially stupid question. 

so I want to lash a few low truncation rings to a D-ring in the hull. 

I know to do a few wraps around them, and then wrap it around between the two rings to tighten it, but then what? I looked at things like these on other boats, and it seems like they end it with a couple of simple knots, but I’m not sure. Am I missing something? 

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I think the trend is moving toward using the friction rings as independent sheaves rather guides than perpendicular to the load (pic related) so you could ostensibly just tie a bowline with some slippery line like spectra and it'd work pretty well



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On 8/18/2020 at 8:55 PM, martin 'hoff said:

Or make a dyneema loop and luggage tag at both ends.

That's how most of ours are.  Easy to make. Or just buy strop or shackle, a long ronstan soft shackle is less than the cost of the line.  If you want to get nautically a benzel is a common method to join high load eyes.  Small line many wraps through eyes, no hitches even tension, take small line 90deg to wraps and do alternate left right hitches.  Works best from a small fishing needle so you can snap hitches and get it all tight. Finish with a stopper knot.

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