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Marvin Creamer, a Mariner Who Sailed Like the Ancients, Dies at 104

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Ahhh, the boring dreams and life of a nerdy school teacher from New Jersey! 

Somehow I don’t see a movie made of his achievements since the Dwayne the Rock is busy filming boring fake action movies.

Fair winds and I hope he outlived Frank!


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27 minutes ago, crankcall said:

Actually beyond remarkable and should be a powerful catalyst in rethinking how the world was populated , like how the Chinese had a presence in Peru 1000 ys ago?  Might have sailed over.....

And 30,000 years ago, how did the Asian folks get to North America? - easy peasy, they sailed. 

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I would like to read more on the specifics of his no nav circumnavigation.

How close did he make to his desired landfalls, time spent in port between legs, where did he stop and day to day details of the voyage type stuff.

Anyone know any good sources for this info.


Thanks, Godzilla

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What is the average time for a sailboat to circumnavigate the globe with modern instruments? 

Article says it took him 513 days, which makes me think he was not taking the fastest route available (since he did not have modern instruments), or took his time on purpose.  Just curious.

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