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Question for those who have old style Torqeedo 801

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Not much info on these on the googlenet.  


Youtube videos for other Torqeedo models show that the propeller bolts are not consistently right or left hand tightening.  Some one way, some the other.  I don't want to crank down on this damn thing and damage something.  I don't know what.  The magic smoke that makes them work underwater?  Has anyeone removed these props?  Righty-tighty or counter?  


I hate to spend $100 on a replacement blade but I damaged the blade in my truck on the last outing, and it is now badly chipped on all three blades.  I use this thing about 1 mile per year.  If there is a cheaper replacement, I would do that as well.  Any info? 

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Yes. Also zinc is soft and inexpensive. On the 1003 there's enough thread showing to determine the handedness by inspection. I suspect (hope) that you will find that the nylock isn't all that hard to break loose in any case. With the 1003 I've undone the prop bolt while holding the blade with my other hand.* Assuming a reasonable pain threshold I think that should limit the gronk to motor safe levels. Good luck!

*This is probably dangerous and may have been determined to cause cancer in California.

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29 minutes ago, Coquina012 said:

my concern is that I crank down like a SOB and serve to tighten even more.  

Have you already tried visual inspection and / or reasonable force?


I'm presume I'm missing the point but to drive my error home here's a pic of a right-handed (lefty-loosey) bolt and nut. Looking at the end on the thread runs to the end of the bolt as you follow it anti-clockwise. Obviously, the reverse is true for left handed threads. Just by looking at a nut or bolt one can usually tell which way to turn it to get it to go in the desired direction.


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