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Hi guys. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of tricking up the evergreen Young 88 design eg bow sprit, different keel new mast etc etc. 

I know there’s a lot of better boats out there but for the cost, rating and size they still seem very appealing for such an old design

Appreciate any advice or  info.


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There was a long running thread here on Young 8.4s with a lot of information about modifications. I know the 8.4 and 8.8 are different boats, but there may be something of interest there.

The search function is playing silly buggers again so I can't find the thread now. Good luck. 

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4 hours ago, monosailor said:

We have a class 88 however have fitted a removable bowsprit for an A sail and code 0 makes a huge difference. It’s a Seldon bowsprit kit so easily removable

Cheers mate. Any chance you have any pics of your set up please??

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