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Help with TCF improvement Beneteau 31.7

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So back in the day I worked for a sailmaker in the UK and rating optomisation was part of my role and I understood it.  Further to that one design took over my life as it was more fun and further to that I haven't sailed for 8 years while enjoying our new family.......

I have just got back on the bike so.....Now my friends have a Ben 31.7 sailing out of the East Coast UK on  0.9588. They are quite new to the game but are keen and spending money on new racing sails.....


They are are not that savvy with IRC / TCF and I have been out our the game for along time, so just hoping you guys / girls can remind me what I used to do as a job!  

I am specifically looking for resource direction, and how its changed, where to get rated boats data, and any costs involved.   I have a very good memory of what I have done in the past....but that was the past. Any help would be amassing 

Thank you in advance....... 





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You could go to your old loft and check their IRC data base if they are an IRC cert. loft.  IRC has a web page to look up basic data. IRC certs can be purchased and use trial carts.  

Work on the premises that ratings are adjusted, not penalized. Genoa’s/Jibs are adjusted the most, then Mainsails, and then Kites. Less draft, shorter WLP, and more overhangs are favored. 

these are my understanding of IRC 

but  more important is a clean bottom, tuned rig, good sails, and above all,,,,sail the boat with the least amount of mistakes. 

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