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Interesting Motor Mount for Wayfarer/Small craft

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this might be better under the fixit/repairs section but on FB, on a Wayfarer group I belong to, a guy put up an interesting solution for a purpose built motor mount.  He used pultruded grp box sections.  On mine, I bought a cheap $50 motor mount and put a ply knee on the inside...this might be either a more elegant or a lighter way to go for certain craft.  It looks to be more expensive;  the OP apparently had some laying around from working on catamarans.  Anyway, here is the website in the UK but I note many similar products here across the pond, as they say.  Form his posts, I am concluding he took the box and then hand laid glass as a joint to the bases on each end.  He said he used "resin", but I think he meant glass layup.  




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He mentioned it was for a 22kg Yamaha--that certainly passes the test!  I thought this was an interesting approach.  Coming from building wooden boats, I would have put together something out of locust and ply, so this was a departure for the way that I might have approached the repair, given my status as a perpetual  advanced beginner.    I hope any comments will be respectful to the builder.  


Thanks to Ian Worrallo for the photos and the information.  

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