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Santa Cruz 27 craigslist find

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Financially: If you have a steady job, why not? I bet you can negotiate that price down a bit. In another thread it is discussed how boats are a hot item in some areas, but it seems to be limited to cruisers and those noisy stinking floating objects (that seem to have girls in bikinis in ads, but rarely in reality). There is not a hot market for racers, and I would think that in the fall on the east coast sales of racers  are down. 

These are sweet boats. 


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Wish mine looked that good.  Have a really close look at the mast step, tap the decks and the hull all over and if not bad just do it.   If there are some bad spots do it anyway at a lower price. 

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22 hours ago, WillyT123 said:

Probably not the best move financially atm but man is it tempting. What do ya'll think? 



Hmmm. Some new deck hardware but lotsa old shit. Some (mostly?) new lines... some stuff looks dinghy-sized which is not gonna work on this boat. The 'Beam Of Destiny' under the mast step looks good but not great. Solar panel? Mmmm'k

My vote is overpriced, somebody (the seller) poured a lot of money into this boat, and is finding out that it's still not that much fun and/or they can't really afford it (change of circumstances? happens). What are the sails like?

These boats are fun to blast down wind, and that's about it. They are uncomfortable to sail IMHO and need more people that there is room for. It's an old-fashioned mast head rig that generates big loads, which is why it had that cool mini-sled look with the winches n'shit (and it needs bigger winches, not smaller).

I'd vote pass, even at a lower price. But then as you can probably guess, I've never been a fan of these boats

FB- Doug

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I loved mine. Raced her singlehanded on SF Bay for 3 seasons , even won some silver, and took her solo to Hawaii.  If you read that "other" thread you'll read that the cockpits suck, the deck sucks,  though the OP and others like a lot of other things about the boats..

In my experience that's not true.  The boat was designed in its Era, it's not another J boat, it is what it is, and what it is, is pretty great.

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3 hours ago, Alan H said:

BTW, i believe the hull is solid glass, no core.....but check the decks for sure.

The hull is cored and needs to be carefully checked. The laminate is very thin and can easily be penetrated even by the corner of a trailer pad. A small rip in the outer laminate can easily turn into a saturated hull rendering the boat a write off. If there are through hulls that is another potential way for water to get in.

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2 hours ago, Chris in Santa Cruz, CA said:

Make sure trailer has correct high pressure tires on it and that the tires are inflated accordingly.

Yes!  I learned this the hard way, but had a double axle trailer so it was really no big deal, except had to buy some new tires...

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