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1 hour ago, jhiller said:

Anyone follow them on Youtube? One of the only " I want to go sailing so pay me " video series that I watch. He's an innovative guy. Their first boat broke up a few months ago and they are trying to buy a second one now.

wind hippy sailing and sailing uma aren't bad either.  Ive seen a few of Zingaro vids...

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1 hour ago, climenuts said:

I'm waiting anxiously for Leo to finish his boat and start sailing it around.

You will be anxiously waiting for quite a while to come although now he has dispensed with any vestiges of the original Talley Ho progress should improve.

Life's a journey not a race.

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10 hours ago, alphafb552 said:

Oi, he reused a substantial part of the original transom!

3 out of 5 planks in total.

Tally Ho is for all intents and purposes apart from 3 transom planks a totally new boat.

A replica not a restoration.

Well done and a great watch far from the  maddening misogynistic crowd of YouTube supposed boat related content.

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