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Relay replacement help

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You should be able to find a Bosch with the same voltage and amperage rating with the tab for mounting.  Clean off the relay and get all the data off it.  Coil voltage circut amperage rating and IP if it has it, do a search, Amazon probably has lots of options.

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10 hours ago, jerryj2me said:

It's a 12V SPST relay, hundreds of similar ones out there. Walk into any automotive supplier with that in hand and they should be able to show you something similar to get the job done. Amazon and EBay has many options too.

Yes that is what i am finding out. The only thing I can't determine is the amperage. I guess the bigger the better.

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5 hours ago, sierrawhiskeygolf said:

Bosch 0 332 019 150 is an exact replacement. For example:


It's a widely available item.

Just curious how you determine it was a 30/40 amp version? Bosch makes that same one in several different amperage ratings. It is crazy how  low cost they are.

Bosch Relays 332019150

Bosch Automotive 332019150 - Bosch Relays
  • https://static.summitracing.com/global/images/prod/large/bch-0332019150_tx.jpg?rep=False
  • https://static.summitracing.com/global/images/prod/large/bch-0332019150.jpg?rep=False



Relay, 12 V, 30/40 amps, Single Pole, Spade Terminals, Each


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All the above: automotive. Lighting brands Hella and Narva use them as standard in their spotlight kits. Most autoshops and mechanics probably have masses of them laying around. 

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