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Racing/Covid/Borders - Cascadian Convoy and a twist

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So here is where we have arrived.  The Cascadian Convoy is this weekend.  It is a Van Isle 360 qualifier with an 100nm option.  The course is from Victoria out the Straits 50nm and back, much like Swiftsure.  The catch?  The turnaround has to be on the Canadian side since the border can't be crossed.  No big deal, if you are Canadian, but what if you are an American and looking for a Van Isle qualifier and/or an overnight race for the year (most were cancelled earlier in the year)?  What can you do?  You can participate in the US Shadow Race on the US side of the Straits.  Port Angeles to Neah Bay and back.  Start time is the same.  So, that's the new reality in a Covid World.  

We are headed to Port A in the morning.  It will be our 4th 100nm race of the season.  We are gluttons for the overnighters.  

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Since you asked, here are a few notes from a prior e-mail I sent.  Only 3 boats started, Sonic finished in 22 hours, Back Bay in 33. 

The race had a lot of symmetry...

It started very light, West wind slowly built so most of the way to Neah Bay it was 10-13 kts upwind.  It faded as we approached Neah Bay.
We ghosted around the buoy, got out into the ebb, and the wind died completely.  We drifted toward Japan for 3 hours in ebb tide, rocking in swell.
The wind started filling from the East, and eventually we were in 12-16 sailing upwind most of the way back.  It faded as we approached the finish and the last 1.5 miles took an hour.
Raining between 2AM and 5AM, so cold and a bit miserable.
102 miles and never used a spinnaker.
As a bonus the last 12 miles of the delivery to P.A. on Friday was into 30-35 and big ugly swells, that part took over 3 hours.
Having said that, we didn't break anything major, and we kept the boat going reasonably well.
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15 hours ago, Floating Duck said:

How'd it go?!

Ps which other centuries have y'all done this season?

We did the Pt. Roberts Race (65nm), San Juan 100, Northern Century, and the Annapolis DH Distance Race (97nm).

As Eric mentioned at the end, it was blowing a steady 34 knots at Race Rocks all Friday afternoon with higher gusts.  We started heading to Port Angeles from Orcas and before we reached Cattle Pass we were already seeing gusts to 35.  It was going to be 30nm upwind in 35 kts for us.  That combined with the dismal forecast for the race meant we did an about face and headed home.  A pleasant days sailing and circumnavigation of Shaw Island.  

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2 hours ago, Roleur said:

It was going to be 30nm upwind in 35 kts for us.

Oh hell no. 

My little boat would spontaneously combust in that situation. 

One of the other boats I race on pulled out because of the forecast a couple days prior.

3 hours ago, ericrayl said:

102 miles and never used a spinnaker.

Glad I didn't miss much!

This slightly confirms my thoughts about this race, being held this time of year, it was bound to be tough ...

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