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j/88 mast base for haul-out

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First time to haul out my new boat and planning all the steps. For taking the mast down I am wondering it I should undo the bolt marked 1 in this photo or remove the pair marked 2 and remove the top plate leaving the lower one on deck? Carbon mast if that matters.

I presume there is a protrusion fitting up into the base of the mast so if I removed 1 and lifted, the mast would slide up and off and that for lowering the mast using a gin pole or similar you would remove one of the bolts marked 2 to let the mast lower down still secured to the deck by the other.



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From the owners manual

Mast Step Tabernacle: is a custom stainless fitting for a deck step mast arrangement and incorporates two large stainless pins that attach to a matching mast step plate bolted to the deck. This deck plate includes an internal chase way to allow mast wires to enter the boat. There are locations for halyard and reefing line turning blocks on each side. The carbon mast sits atop a G-10 mast base plug and a SS thru-bolt prevents the mast from jumping off the plug. With the forward pin removed, the tabernacle arrangement allows the mast to hinge aft during unstepping.

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Thanks Varan, I should have looked there first. Assuming I am using a crane to take the mast off I will just remove both of the cross bolts (2) from the tabernacle once the crane has here secure. 

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