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Corrosion On Basse of Hall Alu Mast

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I have significant corrosion at the base of my aluminum J105 mast.  From what I gather, there are two repair options. 

1) Cut the 1/2' off  at the base and add 1/2" G10 plate to ensure the mast section that meets the partners stays at the the same location.

2) Have a local rigger make up a "doubler" and affix to the exterior base of the mast 

#1 seems much more simple and less expensive.  Will this not change the characteristic and bend of the mast?

Any other options and or suggestions?  I'm also concerned that #2 might not fit in the partners when re-stepping the mast. 


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I had to trim the spar on my Columbia 43 - a couple of inches IIRC. I also had to replace the rotted mast step so I simply made it 2" thicker.

Problem solved.

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