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Since I'm moving to a new area, new charts are in order. With a Zeus 2 MFD as the primary display connecting to an H5000 Autopilot, getting something that plays nicely for the thin waters of the ICW and coastal areas is important to enable semi-automagic piloting on deliveries, allowing better lookout vs hand steering for 10 hours in a channel. 

Current state of Navigation/Piloting: 

  • Bought the Waterways guide for "flip chart" hard copy and will buy BSB/NOAA Raster for overview. 
  • Subscribed to the Waterways emails on updates (NOTAM) on missing ATON, Silting etc
  • Downloaded the ENC's
    • Expedition (runs on a Laptop below deck) 
    • INavX for IOS devices as backup
  • Bought the C-Map N+ "REVEAL" card for the region for primary charts to display on Zeus 2 on deck
  • Will record "sidescan sonar" tracks to upload into the "C-Map Social" maps (used to be called Genesis) 


  1. Is there a means to do the planning/auto-routing off boat and export GPX  to load to Zeus2? (similar to Active Capn) 
    1. Back in the day, I thought I had a card reader for C-MAP cards of larger format, not finding one for the SD-Micro, is there one ? 
    2. IOS App can do the routing, but not finding anywhere to export route, am I missing something?
    3. Happy to do routing on PC (MacOs) C-Map web app if there's a way to export ? 
    4. I can use Expedition to create a route manually, somewhat tedious for ICW waypoints, do I need to buy the C-Map charts again (4D format ?) or is there a means to download from chart card purchase? 
  2.  The Social Map uploads are supposed to happen automatically with Wifi connectivity
    1.  presumably every time we remember to record, they will update from dockside, is downloading of update automatic, or needs to be done manually ? 
  3. With changing depths due to silting/dredging, given access to high resolution bathymetry (C-MAP Reveal, social maps and personal sonar tracks) what's the best means to exploit shallow draft ? 
    1. Concept is to follow a minimum depth contour for least distance routing, using forward scan sonar to look for obstructions (and I  am familiar with range in thin waters) 
    2. Will the auto routing programs compensate for state of tide? (We have a ~ 4' tide range, and I only draw 4'3") 
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