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Skipper required for Transpac

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Hi all,

A guy I used to run a boat for a long time ago is interested in taking his San Fran based 70 foot cat across to Hawaii, and he’s thinking of doing it as part of the Transpac fleet next year. He’s looking for a skipper for the trip. Someone to take on preparation before the start, organise crew, handle job lists, advise him on sails, parts, who knows weather etc. My old boss is not a racer and wants to take it easy (I didn’t even know the Transpac had a cruising class…) so he’s looking for someone that will take this on in that spirit. No 3am kite peels and sawn off toothbrushes here. I don’t know the scene in California at all (I’m Australia based) but I said I’d try and help him out. Any advice as to where he could start his search for the right guy or girl? This will be a paid position and he knows enough to recognise when he’s being bullshitted so we’re looking for someone with experience and integrity. Thanks!
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I don't have a name but Ill throw this out.  He should start contacting SF area locals that have either done the race or done the delivery and ask for some names and references.  Luckily its Nov and he has plenty of time to lock someone down and get everything sorted out before next July.  Having someone local will make it easier as there is a lot to get done.  Its a great race and I am sure will be as much or more fun taking it easy.  He should lock the guy/gall up for the race and return delivery trip as soon as possible.  

Hopefully some locals to SF on here will chime in with some more specifics on names / suggestions.


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The easy way: give Scott Easom a call. He rigs the Disney boats, so there won't be any worries that your boss is competing with his top client.

the research way: go down the list of skippers from the last few races and reach out to them sequentially until you’ve had 3-4 conversations. By then you should have an extensive list of helpful contacts and can direct the process towards your boss’s goals.

Several PacCup/Transpac/SHTP competitors have been interviewed in the Out The Gate podcast. These are all good people to contact about prep & assistance: they went out of their way to get on a podcast.

Particularly during COVID, I’ve found Bay Area sailors to be very eager to talk about their experience sailing to Hawaii. 

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11 hours ago, Spindrift V said:

Sounds like a job for Captain Midnight!

Alas will be at helm of my own vessel, assuming we ain't in middle of Covid 2.0

I’m reading ‘A helmet for my pillow”, one US marine’s experience in the Pacific in WWII. Just last night, he mentioned a character named Captain Midnight. 

Same one?

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