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B&G H3000 vs H5000?

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To summarize there's no difference in information you're getting, still the same numbers since the beginning of time.  The biggest issue is when the H3 system starts to crap out (which it will) you'll have only three options for replacement.  1) Buy a used H3 display which are also getting older by the minute and likely not going to last long either, 2) A+T instruments makes new H3 units but they are VERY expensive or 3)  If you already have an existing H3 system and just need to replace one or two displays to keep it going you can also use the B&G fastnet to N2K adaptor for a new H5 display.  Once you move to an H5 CPU you have to change all displays over to H5 because the Fastnet convertor only works for H3 CPU to H5 display but not the other way around.  

If it's not in the budget for a entirely new H5 system the Fastnet convertor/adaptor is a good way to ease into a new H5 system because it allows you to get some new H5 displays over time, then once you have all H5 displays lastly you can replace the H3 CPU with a new H5 CPU. If you have an existing H3 system and it's working fine I'd say just leave it as is until things start to break down. Usually the display screens are the first thing to go.   You're not getting any more information out of the H5 vs. the H3.  The H5 is a little easier to read and more info can be shown on one screen but that's about it.  

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