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Trying to mix old electronics with new

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My old VHF died and has been replaced with a Standard Horizon Matrix GX2000. I will be adding a AIS transponder in the future. For the time being I would like to attach my existing Raynav 300 GPS Plotter to the radio (I know the GPS is very old but it works). Currently the 300 GPS is also feeding data to an equally old Raymarine SL72 radar/chartplotter via Raymarine Seatalk, also work fine. I have run cable from the Raynav 300 GPSNMEA connections to the new radio and upon testing the radio is not displaying any gps data, nor is the radio showing the gps icon, continuously or blinking. I am not sure I have the connections correctly configured or if the old gps just can't be made to communicate with the new radio.

Current connections are Radio blue to gps yellow, radio green to gps brown, radio gray to gps white and radio green to gps green. Photo of both manuals attached. sorry it is upside down20201123_163614.thumb.jpg.a1ea6f36f9a2f8b64f246e3aef5380b4.jpg

Note: As there is no black wire on the radio bundle, I am assuming the blue radio wire is very dark blue almost black. 

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The wiring from the chartplotter(GPS) to the VHF looks good.

Have you changed the NMEA data input on the new VHF to 4800 baud?

The Raynav probably doesn’t support DSC. You could disconnect the wiring from the VHF to the chartplotter as I think that is to send DSC information to the chartplotter.  

Good luck



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