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8 Bells for Dave Irish

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From FB:

We are sad to share our CYC member, friend and legendary sailing advocate Dave Irish passed peacefully this morning. Dave shared his passion for sailing, racing and love of the sport with his extended family and at CYC in countless ways.
Dave was Irish Boat Shop company founder and former chairman of the board. He opened Irish Boat Shop as a family-owned marina and boat yard in Harbor Springs in 1961.
"If asked, Irish admits to being a highly-competitive sailor, also a man who has been involved in the upper echelons of Olympic sailing governance. But those who know him say he’s not one to brag.
“I like being around boats and water and particularly enjoy the company of people who have and use boats,” declared Irish, a tall and lanky, soft-spoken man with a penchant for laughter and enjoying life. From The Outdoor Journal in 2016, written by Howard ************on.
Please share our condolences with the extended Irish family. We will share more information as it becomes available.
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I sailed more than a few miles with him over nearly 4 decades.  Sad day.  He was so vibrant for so long that I never thought this day would come. I remember sailing a doublehanded Mackinac with him on a Mumm 30 only about 10 years ago when I was in my 30s and he was in his 70s, and it seemed like we were the same age pushing the boat hard.  He lived a good life and went out with a lot of family around him.  His legacy will live on with his family, his business and all of the sailors that he mentored.  I don't think anyone in this country trained more professional bow men than Dave did with multiple America's Cup and Volvo sailors coming from the small town of Harbor Springs under Dave's tutelage.  He loved offshore sailing on the Great Lakes so much and was always looking to give opportunities to the next generation, male and female.  If you were passionate about sailing, humble, willing to learn and quiet, Dave would bring you along and put you up front and teach you how to do it.

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