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J/34c Anchor Roller?

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a 89 j/34c and have a question about the setup of the anchor roller. It appears that the "sprit" fort the anchor was damaged at some point. My question is the roller in the right place or should it be moved to the most forward position? If it is in the right place anyone know what went forward orginally or if the roller should be moved forward what was in it's current location. This is my first big boat so I'm sure I got a lot of the terms wrong.







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Thanks, I20201201_151333.thumb.jpg.7b145be97a0aa2fd858e8bd7193c5622.jpg think i got the anchor properly positioned on the roller now. The port side of the "sprit" was bent in previously and I wasn't able to seat the anchor. 

I'd like to add a pin as insurance to keep the anchor secured but it doesn't seem possible. It seems very secure now though.



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I suspect the forward holes would fit a pin through a bruce anchor to secure it in place. Lots of anchor rollers of that era were built that way, the hole in the bruce anchor is small and much lower than the anchor you have pictured. A bruce is at least as good as the anchor you have now, so you might borrow one to see if it fits, or pick one up cheep used. Look for a genuine Bruce, according to Steve the anchor guru the copies are not as good.

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