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Waterproof Shorts

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Actually, I have the same thought about waterproof shorts not likely very effective as the water will wash up and down them. However, my son has asked for them for Christmas so I am looking for the "best".  Let's define best as (in order of importance):

Functional while actively racing

Comfortable/Minimal chafe




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What kind of boat, what position?

I used Camets forever, upon first getting them they feel almost cheap but it's because of the nylon blend they use, super light and dries crazy fast. The 500D patch on the butt is nice to slide on nonskid and not moon the helmsman. The "Cargo"s were nice, long enough that I could wear a harness and not show the rest of the fleet my pasty thighs.

I had a pair of Henri Lloyds, don't remember the product line but they promptly exploded along the crotch.

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I have a pair of Henri Lloyds and I absolutely love them. I wear them almost 100% of my sailing time, even below my foulies, because of the pussy pads in the back. It makes sitting much more comfortable and you can be sure that you always have a warm and dry bottom. Not cheap.

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On 12/19/2020 at 7:54 AM, jetfuel said:

I have the Mustang ones and love them

1/2 the price of the Musto shorts 

great for days that you do not need full gear but waves are splashing over the deck 

+1 have done some days in Mustang shorts, only downside (pretty massive for me) is distinct lack of pockets.


You listening Joel?


Otherwise great. And bungy on the hem so your don't get waves up the legs.



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