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Caribbean Foiling

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Anybody know if there's anywhere in the Caribbean offering foiler rentals and/or clinics this winter (something like the Whisper, F101, UFO, etc)? I've got this itch to go foiling and I'm tempted to do something irresponsible that my bank account and significant other wouldn't approve of. I'm wondering if it's at all possible to 'try it before you buy it'... 

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Not quite in the Caribbean. There's a group in Sarasota FL (Red Beard Racing?); some friends tried it, and told me it was on a foiling Viper. A lot of fun but quite demanding. 

I'm in Miami, and I'd love to see someone to pick up the mantle and run an operation in Miami with Whisper/F101/UFOs/Nacra 15 FCS. Some folks have made the right noises about setting something like that up, but nothings concrete happened yet.

There's an operation in Spain - Provela. 

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3 hours ago, Lost in Translation said:

https://www.redgearracing.com/ has the foiling F16 and maybe some others. 

There you go, I had forgotten the name of the clinic. Two friends tried it; they make a pretty lightweight duo they were only offered a foiling Viper which seems like a beast for lightweight foiling beginners. 

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