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Happy Holidays!!

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Merry Christmas from Whangarei, NZ.

Miniature turkey is roasting out on the grill (don't ask...I can do this).

Taste testing scotch and hanging out at the dock. We ducked the crowds for a quiet night together.


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It's been quite stormy here, predicted freeze didn't happen and the steady-sate wind is "only" in the 20~25 range but there are hammering gusts of colder air coming down. Temp dropping, we'll almost certainly get that freeze later.

I hope all sailors and cruisers are tucked in someplace safe & secure.

Merry Christmas to you all!

FB- Doug

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Great night, had a bunch of friends from Bocas who are delivering a cat from Curaso to Golfito show up, so it was like last year in Carenero.  Brazilian BBQ lots of music good times.  Even felt a bit of social responsibility as everyone had just been tested and cleared upon arrival.

Of course the fucking cat ran off again into the jungle, he better get back soon supposed to get measured tommorow and be in the queue to transit the canal. The local sailmaker made harnesses for their cats and clips them in, sounds like we will need to do the same.

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