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One of my cockpit/mast crew from 2019 has relocated to NYC and is hoping to find a crew spot.

He's 60, reasonably fit, learns quickly and is good humored.

Helpful on boat maintenance including electrical, (BSEE) and routine rigging/cleaning as well.

Are there lists or bulletin boards other than YRALIS that would be worthy of posting his sailing resume ? 

Anyone need a solid guy PM me and i'll share contact info



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Here is a link to a NYC Area Crew List    http://www.nycsailing.com/

This one doesn’t look like it has been very active.

WindCheck, which is like Latitude 38 back East, used to have a section a section called “Crew Connection.”  I can’t find it on their website.  I have some vague recollection that they discontinued it for some reason.  Maybe someone familiar with the facts behind that can fill it in for us …  I got a few crew off of it and also a ride once.

When the Beneteau 36.7 Class on Long Island Sound was active, they made an effort to place people on boats.  Can’t find their website.

YRALIS seems to be redoing their website and they have a Crew Board.  Can’t tell if it is currently active.


Larchmont YC does a good job in the winter getting crew out during their Frostbite Series.  They also make a real effort to match you up with a cheap charter, if you are interested.


Mamaroneck Frostbite Association has six Dyer’s for charter and also do a good job of getting people out on the water.  Bus Mosbacher helped found the Association, so it can’t be all bad.


The best board used to be NYC Area Crew List.  It was privately maintained and I got a few rides off of it when I first moved from MDR to Westchester.  I think the guy who ran it was named Alex Belov.  I think he just got tired of taking down bot/spam posts, which infected the site in the 2000’s.  The website address was walrus.com/~ belov/crewlist.html

I checked the US Sailing Board.  There’s nothing there …

Which brings me to my point … Fuck US Sailing.

How can there not be a Crew / Skipper List that is easily accessible right there on the front page.  It is just a bunch of drop down menus.  What assholes.  How can they not see the need for something like this?

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Thanks for the PM's suggesting locations, and potential offers. Appreciate the help.


If anyone gets to Myrtle give me a message, we hope to (Finally) launch tomorrow and deliver down from Wilmington to Little River Saturday.

Delayed by a wee spot of corrosion from the bonding system being disconnected many years back and the bronze centerboard lift trunk blowing out while in the slings... 


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23 hours ago, LionessRacing said:

Queens, near the TNeck from what I understand


Tell him to stop down to the Moose Hall on City Is.

Speak to Ernie from the Chicken boat. I'm sure he will take him aboard  

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