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19 hours ago, chinabald said:

Not so fast. I guess rumors of her death are greatly exaggerated 



19 hours ago, Innocent Bystander said:

It’s a miracle!


18 hours ago, Sol Rosenberg said:

Just need to know how to wake her up. 

shaken...not stirred. 

grabbing my coat. 


18 hours ago, suider said:

And we thought 2020 was effing weird....

they said TRUMP was toast

hear he has ordered a 4 year supply of Jam & Butter as well as BloodyMary's w Bacon

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A man was out hunting with his wife.  He accidently shot her.  He called 9-1-1, and said "I shot my wife, I think she's dead!"  The dispatcher responded "Make sure she's dead."  He sets the phone down, and the dispatcher hears "BANG!"  

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5 hours ago, Al Paca said:

Now she’s dead again! That’s one tough muffin. 

She died another day.

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