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Hi Sailing Anarchy!

I hope you can help me with my lovely retro boat from the 80´s, a 30 foot JOJ30 (build in Sweden)!

I've been binging the videos made by sailing anarchy with Scot Tempesta, and would love to get some comments on the boat and the potential it has.

I really want to fine tune what this boat has to offer of sailing abilities, but I'm a novice and not quite sure what conditions the boat would thrive in
or what to touch up on and pick apart, remove or build upon... Especially concerning the rig. I'm not sure if it needs changing or if it's cool having a rather stationary backstay, the three stays on the side and so on.

It's 30 foot

3,15 m wide

don't know mast length (but looks like a tall rig compared to bigger boats)

weighs app. 3000 kg

Depth 1.8 m

Here are some pictures...
So what are your thoughts? know anything about the boat? (only around 20 were made...) Any tips and/or tricks?

I know it can sail (took a trip the other day, but the weather was too heavy and had to return) and it has even traveled to Svalbard with the previous owners!

I appreciate all the advice you can give! (I live in Denmark and sail both in the north sea and Oeresund)









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48 minutes ago, SailRacer said:

Show us the GIRLS then, we talk..

Some people have higher standards


Seriously, nice looking boat. One thing you will want to do is get the standing rigging and fittings inspected. This can be done with a metal penetrant dye and a magnifying glass. Worth at least getting some pro advice on how; at some point the mast will need to be pulled and inspected and standing rigging replaced, but it's worth a few bucks now to gain the knowledge that replacement can be delayed.

A boat like this this certainly will benefit from an adjustable backstay. Also, you might consider taking off the steering wheel and going back to the tiller which undoubtedly was original. And if the boat is out of the water now, take a close look at the tip of the rudder.

I apologize for not being able to speak Danish. I think this boat will be a great pleasure to sail.

FB- Doug

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Congratulations on a nice boat. If it is out of the water... I would check the keel bolts. It is arguably one of the best things you can do for peace of mind and boat safety.  Although they are hidden they are not impossible to test. A rig can come down and you can still be safe, a keel falling off will put one in the water at the most inopportune times. 

A simple ring tone tapping the bolt head with ball pin hammer and listening with a stethoscope inside and outside the hull will tell you a whole lot without much money or effort. Just takes two people - one with a hammer and one with decent hearing.


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With that deadrise aft and tapered stern and small transom, and with what (I think) is a long spinnaker pole (?), she might be kind of skittish downwind, particularly with the spinnaker flying.  And it makes for less waterline length, which may make her a bit slower.

But the good part is if you're in big breaking seas downwind, they are less likely to get into your cockpit.

She is a pretty-looking boat though, with those fine ends.  Best wishes as you bring her back to life.

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