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Technautics freezer woes

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I have what appear to be two identical Technautics refrigeration units on my boat - one for the fridge and one for the freezer. The fridge works great but the freezer does nothing. At this point all I have doe is check the voltage coming in on the 3 wires. I don't remember the exact numbers, but they are exact, so I don't suspect an electrical issue.

When I turn on the freezer it does nothing. Not even a sound. does anyone have an idea as to where to start?




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Is it the Cool Blue system?  Is  LED on the circuit board flashing when power is applied?    I am not on my boat do do not have the codes for the LED flashing. Have you jumpered out the thermostat?  Have you sent an email to Tecnautics.  Rich normally replies quickly.  You may want to switch the circuit board between the units. 

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Rich also has a number of trouble shooting you tubes, that he will have you watch to help you with the problem.  They are good to watch just to understand your system or even just the basic reefer trouble shooting for most refrigeration systems. He is good with helping you avoid getting a reefer tec, that often do not understand the system.  I resently went through this as my compressor would not load up. After talking it out, I changed the module, is it is working great.  This unit is on a liveaboard so it runs constantly,  good for another 12 years.

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