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Nacra 5.2 Spinnaker Measuring

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I am hunting for a spin for my 5.2. I have a windsurfer mast already and mocked up the boat to pull a tape measure. Mid-way from the hounds to the tip down to the pole gave me ~25ft. This can change with pole elevation/length/and halyard height.
Saying all of that I know little about spin measuring. An H16 spin luff is 20ft. Is that in a straight line? How do I take that into account when mounting hardware on the boat? A H16 mast is 1.5ft shorter than the N5.2, but from pictures of an H16 rig I'd say it would be an ok fit, if not underpowered. Considering I do not have raked spreaders that may be a good thing.
I found an H16 spin with a tramp bag for sale in good shape for $400. Hope to haggle it down. Thanks.

Duplicate post on thebeachcats, but they sent me here.

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Sounds like you are in the ballpark.

I retrofitted a G Cat 21 with a asym and I set the pole length so the kite sheeted to the forward beam. (I had just bought a 21sqm Hobie Tiger kite)

I then played with the hoist by just duct taping a microblock on the mast above the hounds. You want the ability get the luff tight. 

Once you are happy with the distance make the block fast.

Remember a windsurfer mast is quite flexible, make sure the guy lines have downward angles. My G Cat has a front beam so I made a dolphin striker and a "down wire"

I ended up 4 ft above the hounds, and I was glad I didn't have to go any higher.

Good luck,




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Assuming you plan on snuffing it, you have to consider the distance from the snuffer to the end of the pole (if any) for the tack line.  Then consider the straight line distance from that height above the tack to the hound for the spin halyard...that's your maximum luff length.  Then figure how far it is from the hounds to where you plan on sheeting from (back beam?) and how far it is from the end of the pole to that sheeting spot.  You want a spin whose leach/foot length is close to the same ratio as the distance from the hounds to the sheeting spot / pole to the sheeting spot--that'll give you a 45 degree angle of sheeting which is close to what you want.  Obviously, a shorter luff than maximum will require a similar reduction in leach/foot.  Also, you want to know the SMG of the spinnaker (midgirth/foot).  If it is 80% or more, it will be a deep running spin and probably not what you want unless you want to go low and slow (but who wants that?).  

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