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Best anchor for J109 in PNW

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Steve on the anchor geekdom thread in cruising anarchy tests in the PNW. He now has a lot of videos on youtube but look for the ones that summarize his thoughts. He likes the spade, sarca and mantis. Here is a recent multiple anchor comparison, 


I anchor all over the PNW in my 109 with a Rocna 10, one of Steve's least favorite. It is also undersized, yet has always held. I will probably trade up to a spade. One issue on a 109 is clearance with the sprit, this limits some of the wide anchors, especially the mantis which is too bad as it is light and inexpensive. Another is the distance between the roller and windlass which limits shank length. Measure carefully or purchase from a store that takes returns. Fisheries supply will work with you.

I use 40' of 1/4 high end chain and three strand rode. Most serious cruisers would consider this gear undersized, but the 109 is a pretty light and small 35' boat, especially since it is not festooned with a full cockpit enclosure, davits, arches etc that increase wind resistance. For the south sound and San Juans it has been fine, I would size up for more exposed areas.

A final issue is how much the 109 moves in a blow at anchor. The foward mast and the deep foils result in a boat that acts like a hound dog on a scent. There all kinds of opinions on how to help this problem, I will probably try a riding sail and if that does not work more chain. I would not anchor from the stern, the transom slap in even minimal chop on a 109 is loud. The veering about and 180 degree tidal shifts makes Steve's thoughts on movement and reset relevant, and probably more important than ultimate holding power in our area.

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