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J105 Tiller Conversion

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Purchased a J105 last fall with a wheel, found someone selling a tiller conversion kit from a boat of similar age (Pre-SCRIMP).  Two questions:

1) The lower SS sleeve 17239 (Female) was filled with fiberglass that I needed to remove with a dremel in order to fit the upper sleeve into it. Any idea why it was filled?

2) When I try to slip the upper sleeve sleeve into the lower sleeve, the holes don't line up for the pin.  I can get the upper sleeve low enough, meaning the pin holes don't line up between the two sleeves.  There is about half a hole to go (only have of the hole overlaps with the other sleeve's hole.  It appears I could either cut  1/4 off the top of the bottom sleeve to align the holes, or go to a machine shop and have them redrill the hole in the upper sleeve and then fill on the old one.  Is this common for the holes not to line up?  What is the best way to address?

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One j/105 owner from Santa Barbara is manufacturing tillers in his machine shop. FREE ENTERPRISE, INDIGO, and a few others have converted.
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Just following up on this post.  I was able to turn the upper (male) collar 90 degrees, re-drill new holes for the collar pin and the tiller bolt and attach. 

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