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Stealthy in Europe.

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Maybe old news now, but has Stealthy hit the tide yet somewhere in Europe.

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Looks great if not toned down a little there Rumpig.


Wouldn't be a lot of competition in the Scottish Lochs would there?


Hope the new owner(s) have as much fun sailing the boat down here in Oz.


Awesome find btw.

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It was a mix of a John Sayer design 7.27 ?? and Alan Cawadine..a skilled sailor /builder/project manager....... it was one of a couple of evolving designs for Oz Sportsboats /[Trailer Sailer] rule. .... with Alans final iteration quite different to the starting design.       Sayer 7  then 727. then Stealth

wings had to fit within the trailerable limit even though that measurement differed state to state.....there was an internal cabin space size rule which has now shrunk.   People and boats would travel all over Australia to go racing......2000 ks to 5000 ks in a year.  a great time was had.

Trailerable Sportsboats ,..was a busy startline but has massively shrunk in recent years.....the gig economy hit Australia almost overnight and people had no time anymore, everyone i know was struggling to keep their Small Business/heads above water......once there were multi skilled small teams of friends in business   morphed into one or two skilled workers and a gaggle of unmotivated workers , inefficiently  ruled and now so many people have stopped running their own businesses to go and work in some inefficient firm for little pay just cause it was easier to survive. ... even with all the unpaid overtime 

No Time  No Money  No Hobbies.   Very sad to see so many pull out of the scene...

ASBA    is a good source of info ...and has the details of lots of boats for sale.  Guilty Pleasures and Transit Lounge are two of these

Australian Sports Boats Association

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Alan Carwardine. ..sorry about spelling Alan was All Yacht Masts.  and he got Brendan Egan in for the redesign. 2007 - 2008 83ter Brett W started one of the last low deck versions of the Stealth 7 [if I recall right].  The Mathews Boys were involved as well.     to many Cones of Silence references to forget them

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Stealthy was sold and shipped from Australia to West coast of Scotland. The new colour is a vinyl wrap; extensive repairs to cockpit floor, new wardrobe, orange keel and rudder! etc.  Hasn't raced yet but should scare a few people over there including the crew as Stealthy is "overpowered" at 15 knots but seriously quick.

Having sailed in Scotland and on Stealthy in Aus I know where I would prefer to be getting soaked!

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I could watch that video all day.


Press on link above if you haven't.


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