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Who cares its a lot of fun. I call it wingboarding, but have no problem with it being a type of sailing :),

I've been testing out my wing with a snowboard in the snow. Need a decent breeze in the heavy stuff, but a ton of fun. I'm trying to figure out budget for a board in the spring :).


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17 minutes ago, BobBill said:

Is not sailing...Wing and a prayer and a helmet....needs another name, IMO

Seems a very pure form of sailing without encumberement of uneeded gear

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It uses the power of wind to travel just above the water. It's sailing... and it's heaps of fun! :P

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It may be fun, but foiling over the water is not sailing, per se.

No sailboat that I know of, until Ellison's arena AC event, required helmets.

No rig I ever sailed needed a helmet, just alertness,

The point is, the Bluenose schooner sailed, as did America, Sceptre and the Mirror dinghy.

How practical are tall hard carbon wings? Is "para-sailing sailing? Won't be long until what you call "fun" is less a reason for an ancient doing, seems to me.

Calling it what it is so hard?  Hustle for market or advertising bucks offers no justification. 

How practical are former AC boats, for example...the old keelers may be scrapped, but that is a different topic as are their uniqne needs, but a typical sailor finds foils and wings not so easy to acquire and moor...what happened to Ellison/s rig, Swiss, rig, etc?

Only example, I can offer is I used to sail an Ensign out of a slip...upon return, doused, tied-up, midst swarms of insects, stored sails and that was it! Later storm or no...not to worry too much.

Not so, with foilers or winged rigs is it?

No problem with the doing, just the taxonimy....name: "foiling" is not sailing because water is a mediu, no more than wind-surfing or sail-planing is,, to me. 

I think sailing in general, has enough other stuff to sweat...


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FY, good one!

Ag liked his lots, but the dudes down below, decided to up the moral and posted this to the galley's single hatch, "Our morale will contine to slip, until the floggings improve.~" And "Big A" got it in the heel, with "hat" in place... poor dodger....

Guess I just like the slow lead-belly suckers and sucked suds as the water slipped by...a few inches from me 'ead. No helmet.

Me current rig is tacker...outriugger, but miss keel "ease" even when up in air. 


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