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A sailor who fell overboard without a lifejacket survived by clinging to a “piece of sea rubbish”, his son has revealed.

Vidam Perevertilov spent 14 hours in the water after he fell off a cargo ship into the Pacific Ocean in the early hours of the morning,


better buy a lotto ticket


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im surprised he could see a black fishing ball several klicks away,  but after trying to stay afloat and swimming for 100 yards with your clothes on,  it might seem like a couple klicks

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5 hours ago, Zonker said:

Yeah, if you're only head height in the ocean your horizon is a lot less than "several km"

but amazing that he was found - by his own ship.

I know of a few cases one a crew member in the Med pitched over and was found by his own boat 8-10 hours after don't think he had anything to hold onto, had a mate that lost his cook over the side at night mid Tasman and found her both these cases were pre MOB buttons on Gps units.

Recip courses with drift figgered maunally.

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On 2/26/2021 at 9:11 PM, Zonker said:

 amazing that he was found - by his own ship.

Maybe they needed him to keep it running?

Or he owed someone from the crew poker game?



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