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I posted this on ocean racing Anarchy. But, in hindsight it probably is more fitting here.

First coastal/offshore event of the year in SoCal and looks to be quite consistent breeze, especially for the smaller boats.

Good luck and be safe. Moonrise around midnight so not completely blacked out!


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Pyewacket, CHIM-CHIM, Warrior Won, FAST-EXIT II, all hauling the mail as of 3:30PM PST, Friday afternoon.  Solid west breeze from the west end at Catalina all the way to the turning mark SSW of San Clemente Island. 


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16 hours ago, Bitter Gnat said:

What's the deal with Juno? Tracker shows them heading over San Clemente towards home.

Heard on ch16 they had steering system issues.

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The Islands Race. A decent fleet of 32 entries, mostly local suspects and at least one east coast punter showed up. Racing started off in normal mid teens and quickly did nothing else until later on, after rounding Catalina, the breeze built in pressure. Then at San Clemente, it got a little bit windier and a lot wetter, which was good since we were only moderately dry at that time. The chef served dinner in bags with sporks, seasoned with copious amounts of Pacific ocean salt. It's good for the digestive system, you know. After dinner it got dark, (The only predictable condition of nature), windier and wetter, (only somewhat predictable). The bow team did some of their own stunts with sail changes and allowed the top drivers to show off their stunt driving tricks in dogs off chains conditions. (Note: No dogs were hurt during the running of this event).  The 142.25 mile rated distance course was completed in just over 13 hours for a 10.94 knot average. There were plenty of speeds posted in the mid to high teens and several over 20 knot sightings. 

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