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Ok, who made it on the "Chit Show"?

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I didn't see much chit?

Lots of doom claims from the voice over, but not much drama from the sailor.

He nosed up to the first dock and let two folks step up, then one dropped the bow line... without that, it seems like he would have been in solid shape to toss a stern line to the second and/or rotate in with the motor. The single centered board on those Stiletto cats allow surprising pivots, especially with separate rudder and motor tiller controls.

With the first line dropped, he backed out and throttled up to clear the docks upwind to reset, then successfully docked on the second dock.

Looked pretty good from this side of the YouTube... and with the silly commentators muted out, could be used as a good example. 1.) Have a plan. 2.) Have a backup plan. 3.) Be ready to reset and retry.

No Chit!

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