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As for Karma, yeah OTAUS went offshore, has slower boat, lost. But the boat was in process when Karma kicked in. NZ will be working on its boat and systems after the venue is announced, Karma is waiting. 

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Double vainqueur de la Coupe de l’America, Ernesto Bertarelli s’exprime peu sur une compétition qu’il a gravée dans le cœur malgré ses déboires de 2009. Sa parole est d’or sur le sujet et c’est dans l

I think LRPP have brought much to this competition. The last thing we need is another round of belligerent billionaires battling it out a la EB and LE. I appreciate that Patricio Bertelli is very weal

Being CoR is also a distraction from what's really important. They can redeploy resources without that burden,

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6 hours ago, JALhazmat said:

What show? 
no cash, no venue, and entrants dropping like flies… missed deadlines  headline act not signed up to the team.. 

GD putting on a real show ;-) 

“We run the show” you taking  responsibility then? No thought not..


Who cares. There WILL be a next cycle. There WILL be a venue. There are AT LEAST 4 entrants, no one cares about missed deadlines. The headline act is the match which WILL happen.

We won, we make the calls, we call the shots and you cry about them.

GD has and will continue to put on a FANTASTIC show just like he has in the past.

Haters gon hate.

Team NZ!!!!

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Living in the past, it’s AC37 now and you ain’t won l, have lost verdier, not found a venue a sponsor/cash good will , not signed Blair or Pete 

pretty decent jobs list to crack on with, run along now , YOU are part of the team. 

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