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Why Channel 37 Doesn’t Exist

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your government in action.


Same as channel 1.   We used to broadcast NTSC.  Ever notice no channel  1?

Go to Japan where they run NTSC-J.  It does have channel 1.  everything else is the same (I used to bring home the  latest technology from Tokyo and just change the power input from 100v ac to 120ac).

What gives?

When the FCC first set up the frequencies, they reserved channel 1 for government usage (emergency broadcasts and covering congress) but did nothing to create programming. Back in the day the tuner was analog and you cranked the channel selector, where each channel had a piece of copper to make the electrical connection.  after 15 years the TV manufacturers (yes the US used to make TVs..) said they were removing channel 1 to cut costs.


It was not until the advent of cable that the US government got serious and created C-SPAN.  By then you could not get a tv with an analog tuner that had channel 1.  Heck you could not get a US made tv.


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